Businesses of all sizes use FusionPBX daily. We love to see folks happy saving money using FusionPBX. Here are some of the testimonials we received.

Just want to give a thankful shout out to everyone at FusionPBX that have helped in education, contribution and support. The FusionPBX team have developed a leading product. Its been a joy from day one joining this community and I look forward to the road ahead.


We have been using FusionPBX for many of our clients and just want to express our gratitude to Mark and the team for not only providing a great product, but being extremely helpful in bringing out new features and helping us maintain the service. Every new release amazes us with the work and development put into it.


SureVoIP have been using FusionPBX since 2010. SureVoIP sponsored the first versions of multi-tenant domains and hot desking. SureVoIP sponsors and contributes fixes and features when possible.

Because of FusionPBX’s highly configurable nature, responsive support team and sane design, SureVoIP have been able to win many large customers because proprietry systems are so rigid and slow to innovate. We have been proud to support and deploy FusionPBX for 7 years.


Winner of the Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) 2016! http://www.surevoip.co.uk/2016-best-provider

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